Battery of Bagdad

When was the Baghdad battery invented?The excavation director at the time, Wilhelm König, put forward the theory that it could be an ancient battery. To date, the find, dated to about 300 BC. B.C., known as the "Baghdad Battery".What is the oldest battery in the world?Baghdad BatteryThe oldest known battery in the world is the so-called "Baghdad Battery". This battery was found in 1938 at Khujut Rabu near Baghdad in what is now Iraq. The Baghdad battery consists of a clay vase filled with a copper cylinder and an iron pin.What is Baghdad Battery?The Baghdad Battery, also known as the Battery of the Parthians or Battery of Khu-jut Rabuah, is a clay vessel found in 1936 during excavations of a Parthian settlement at the site of Khujut Rabuah Hill near Baghdad.How does the Baghdad battery work?In it, held by a kind of stopper made of asphalt (bitumen compound), was a heavily oxidized iron rod. Its upper end protruded about 1 centimeter above the stopper and was covered with a yellow-grey layer of oxidation. There is no conductive contact between the two metals.In 1978 the Baghdad battery was examined for electricity for an exhibition in Hildesheim. They were rebuilt and filled with a vinegar solution as an electrolyte. In fact, a current of 150mA and a voltage of 0.5 volts flowed.

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