The Nazi Coin from 2039

Apparently, the mysterious coin of Diego Avilés was found in a plant in Mexico. Avilés explains that his attention was drawn when he read the inscriptions and saw the year 2039. Immediately above the imprinted year is the symbol of the Reichsadler-NSDAP, as well as the words "Nueva Alemania", which translates to "New Germany".The obverse of the medal features the inscription "Alies in one nation", meaning "all in one nation", a motto that would serve perfectly for a country that has dominated the world. In Mexico there is a state called Nueva Alemania in the municipality of La Concordia (in the state of Chiapas), but it is known that there is no record of the arrival of any Nazi currency.As the video went viral on the internet, many conspiracy theorists have claimed that this future Nazi coin is solid proof of the existence of a parallel universe. Another section of conspiracy theorists argued that Germany would play a key role in World War III. They added that Nazis secretly living in Antarctica will join Germany in the war and help them triumph in WWIII.Others argued it was a coin of an "alternate" future in which the Nazis took over the world, developed time travel, and sent money back in time to where certain currencies ended up in our reality.

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