The omega coil consists of an omega iron core wrapped with 2 osmium wire coils and a neutral conductor. All 3 copper wires form 3 frequency types with all 3 or individually controllable.

  • 1. Frequency = protons
  • 2. Frequency = Electrons
  • 3. Frequency = neutrons

The omega iron core including the coil has a diameter of 10 cm and the atomic shell has a density of 2 to 3 cm. A total of 3 osmium wires are required to build the coil, which generates a magnetic field for each wire. However, 2 frequencies are related: magnetic field occupied. The third frequency is connected to the negative but is not counted as a coil since it is neutral. However, a voltage value flows that transports a coulombic charge of 0 C. through the neutral conductor into the Omega coil prototype. The positive is for the protons, the negative for the electrons, and the neutral for the neutrons. Each wire has two pins of the copper wire that ends from point A to B. There are a total of 6 pins and another two pins for the fourth frequency of the inner core. 2 osmium wires are independently connected as a magnetic coil and each wire has its own task. This is conditional because otherwise no construction is possible. The matter is held back by these electromagnetic coils as an atomic shell. Also, the demagnetization of the elements for the disposal of the resulting matter would not be possible without splitting all 3 frequencies. If you build up all 3 osmium wire coils in the form of a ball coil, also known as an omega coil, a so-called layer effect is created where the matter with all 3 conduction points meet in an X-axis and unite as nucleons.Matter is manufactured using the power source input measured and calculated in electron volts C, (Coulomb). The third neutral line is responsible for converting electricity into a chemical aggregate state, which enables the building up of chemical element aggregates such as: "Liquid, solid and gaseous states. Without this third line, no nucleons would be created, which would cause the structure of matter to be magnetized by the atoms binds protons and electrons together. The binding of the atoms with this neutral line is very important progress, otherwise no artificial element would be produced. And that is the secret that causes the structure of the chemical elements. One often speaks of matter printing or (matrix printing)If the electrical omega coil is in a chemical aggregate state, it enables a 3D world where all 3 aggregates occur: "liquid, solid and gaseous. One must not forget that heat and cold temperatures also prevail by making life possible for the first time.

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