The Omega prototype coil has a total of 4 wire coils that are conductive and divided into frequencies. One of them made of copper wire and 3x made of osmium element.

The core of the Omega coil is equipped with a core coil made of copper element. This internal coil is negatively charged. Your task is to keep the primary and secondary charging force away from the core, otherwise the wire will glow and melt and the voltage will be interrupted. This is where this rule comes into play: names of the same name repel each other! This means that the primary coil is negative inside and thus the primary magnetic field is repelled by the negative core. This also means that the circular coil magnetic field increases when the core frequency is increased. This is because otherwise when creating glowing tension effect between primary and secondary force touch the core and when glowing can damage the primary wire and interrupt the electric charge. As if that were not enough, the Omega coil is protected with a high temperature glass. As if that were not enough, the primary wire coil is also protected by glass.The question is: what can this prototype do with such equipment:This prototype can and simulates in real time electromagnetic fields divided into frequencies and radiated to the outside.

Frequencies like:

  1. Proton radiation
  2. Electron radiation
  3. Neutron radiation

All 3 can be controlled simultaneously or separately..... through this then the nucleon is created. From nucleon to molecule the same element is formed. Of course, these 3 types of radiation can change the matter inside tissues so that cancer can be caused, but if you keep the radiation dose low, nothing happens. Comparable to a DSL router with WLAN integrated and up to 300 meters wide, radiating is nothing new. The prototype coil transmits at a maximum distance of 1 m and is also not dangerous for humans.The goal is actually to work with matter. The prototype generates a beam of electrons and at the same time a digital image like a tube TV and the 3 core frequencies: proton, electron and neutron, the matter that comes from electricity.