1.) Why should you build this Omega coil?Quite simply: it enables and opens a door to work with matter and thus also to give an answer in alchemy.2.) Why could one build this Omega coil?This Omega coil experiment has a maximum diameter of 15 cm - although it works with high-frequency electromagnetic non-ionized radiation, it cannot change the internal matter of the body and therefore not cause cancer.After successful experiment one could work example with larger projects.3.) What can you do with it?The purpose of this Omega coil is: to work with elements; That means: "With real matter like, liquid aggregates production like for example: water H2O (hydrogen and oxygen with or without additional elements) to program groups.The easiest way would also be to copy the elements with a 3D CT scanner with low radiation dose and then reproduce them with the help of the Omega coil.4.) Does this invention involve magic or witchcraft connected ?This invention has nothing to do with occultism or witchcraft. On the contrary, this idea has been owned by the Italian author: Maurizio D'Agostino for 27 years and was invented in the middle of 1996. But also in antiquity: in the Old Testament we find something interesting: the great prophet Ezekiel, it is mentioned as the wheel of God's creatures.This invention has been under legal protection since February 13th, 2020 and no one may trade with it without permission/permission.Why wasn't this invention protected back then?I, Mr D'Agostino, had already been looking for work in 1996, unfortunately without success. In addition, at that time my knowledge was not very good when it came to protection of inventions and patents. It was only in 2020 that I was able to provide proper protection for the invention on the Internet.5.) How did this Omega coil idea come about?In mid-1996, the inventor asked himself whether, instead of ring magnets, ball magnets could also be used and whether it made sense to deal with them. In November 1996 it was found that great success could be achieved in this direction. Thought done! About 4 months have passed. Finally, at the end of December (12/30/96) I finally made a complete drawing on school paper. Especially on paper, also because at that time I could draw a lot with DIN A4 paper.6.) Does this Omega coil have anything in common with the Tesla coil? What did Nicola Tesla want to achieve with his Tesla coil?Answer from Google:Nikola Tesla's goal was to transmit electrical energy wirelessly. However, the Tesla transformer is only suitable for this to a limited extent – it does generate electromagnetic waves; however, these can only be recovered in a short range and only partially in a receiving circuit.Answer from me:There is no evidence that Nicola Tesla worked on an Omega coil like this one.This Omega coil works with 4 frequency elements, that is: 2 unequal magnetic fields + a prepulsion magnetic coil and a neutral one intended for neutrons. 1. Frequency for protons - magnetic field 2. Frequency for electrons - magnetic field 3. Frequency for neutrons - 4. Frequency for core magnetic fieldOf course, the original Tesla coil did not have this equipment at the time. Nicola Tesla had not worked with elements either. Also not because at that time nobody expected that the periodic table of the elements would reach 118. And in addition, there were no 3D CT scanners back then. In addition, at that time it was assumed that the neutron was a mixture of proton and electron, although today it is known that the neutron has an electrical charge at all.What happened to Nikola Tesla?At the end of his life as an inventor, he withdrew more and more and dealt with "radiation guns" around 1935, among other things.Tesla was found dead by staff at the Hotel New Yorker on the morning of January 8, 1943 at the age of 86; the doctor entered January 7, 1943 as the time of death in the death certificate.Why wasn't this invention realized at that time?At that time the author was looking for a job. In addition, I could not afford to realize the project.