The public confrontation between Michael Hesemann and Norbert Ratthofer (author of "The VRIL Project"), who claims that the Nazis already had UFOs, the legendary HAUNEBU flying discs (allegedly suitable for space travel), was also significant - in the context of a panel discussion - evidence of this are a few dubious documents and blurred photos "from NASA sources", as Ratthofer claims. Hesemann pointed out the most obvious discrepancies in these recordings and clearly described them as fakes. Researcher Spanuth was introduced into the German-speaking world.This ancient Egyptian expression referred to the "Islands of the North", the islands of the Aegean, but Pastor Spanuth saw it as an ancient Egyptian synonym for his Germanic Atlantis. Reich documents are mentioned, was also not coined until many years after the Second World War. Norbert Ratthofer didn't know what to say to all these arguments. That this HAUNEBU story is just a tiresome Nazi myth was also confirmed by Dr. Walter A. Frank publicly confirmed, who took an active part on the German side in World War II and also knows a lot of other inside information. It is exciting to see how new breakthroughs are in the offing in many areas. With this in mind, the organizer (Ms. Acedaih Dafi from the Atlantis Foundation Zurich) has already announced the next UFO Congress in spring 1997.