As we already know, the neutron element is neutral. That means: it is neither positive nor negative and cannot be influenced with magnets. That's why we called the neutron a building block. The neutron is like a stone that only occurs in nature and only in nature binds itself with other elements. What research does not understand is why the proton and electron can be produced artificially and the neutron cannot.An experiment shows how it is possible to artificially create protons and electrons.That means: In an electric circuit, the protons flow in the negative direction and the electrons in the positive direction.And what about the neutron?There is of course a way to synthesize the neutron building block.Since the neutron building block is neutral and has no electrical charge, it means that we are dealing with 0 C. Coulomb. The problem is not the charge value but the creation of the neutron building block element. In order to avoid this, an electromagnetic atomic particle printer prototype was designed, so to speak, which makes it possible to work with real matter. This prototype is also called Omega coil or Omega printer, which converts the matter from artificial aggregate to solid aggregate and prints it in atomic particles.Now suppose the neutron building block element - As an artificial aggregate, we can program 0 C. = in SI unit Coulomb - but this also means that at 0 C. an empty charge corresponds. She understands this empty charge as 0 C. Electricity language. So the electricity knows what to produce at 0 C. Because the neutron element has the value 0 C. When converting from artificial aggregate to solid, the artificial 0 C. charge is converted to solid aggregate and a building block is then created that is recognized as a neutron and identified as a stone.The reason for this is the charge value that at 0 C. an electrical charge is produced at all and therefore no element of the periodic table can be produced. So all that remains is the neutron building block.Example: Black ink is printed on a white Din A4 sheet: So where black is printed, the Coulombic charge value is higher than 0 C. While white ink color does not exist because the sheet is already white and neutral: i.e. 0 C charge.The same happens with the neutron at 0 C. a core building block is created.So, if you assume: whether artificial elements = correspond to natural elements, as a nuclear physicist and chemist I say: yes, but you cannot produce them as a solid aggregate without the Omega printer.Date: 08/27/22