Omega Coil works like a printer machine (Matrixmachine)

The Omega coil works similar to a normal printer which works in pixel format. The inkjet printer prints in pixel format while the Omega coil prints in atomic particles.For example, in the output of a normal inkjet printer, the ink on the Dina 4 sheet is ejected in pixel color while in the Omega coil, ionic bonding occurs between protons, electrons and neutrons. The neutron is recognized in the form of 0 eV (electron volts), but only after the transformation does an ionized neutral neutron atom arise. After all, the Omega printer works 3-dimensionally. He gets the matter from the electricity that comes from the socket source. And the programming of the elements is controlled and calculated with the help of computer software.During the printing process, ionic bonding is created inside the Omega Coil as when matter is magnetized by atomic bonding. The same process can also work in reverse, in that the atoms can behave demagnetized again.Suppose the element helium is created:This requires 2x protons and 2x electrons. What is still missing in this element are, for example, 2 neutral neutron atoms that have a value of 2x 0 electron volts.The question now is: how do you produce the neutral neutron atom?The neutral atom can only take place through the intervention of 0 eV electron volts and through a transformation from physical to solid matter.And we also know that the neutron neither has the electron nor is electrically charged.The omega coil is usually equipped with 3 copper wires arranged in the form of a spherical coil. The third copper wire is intended for the neutral neutron atoms created after the reaction.The positive wire is for the proton, the negative wire for the electron and the third wire for the neutron. There are a total of 3 lines that are structured like an omega coil that control the proton, electron and neutron, which is responsible for the structure of the elements.How does the conversion take place with the Omega coil?The transformation only takes place when a 3 dimensional object with pre-programmed matter exists. Magnetic fields create an atomic shell that keeps matter inside. The positive, negative and neutral magnetic field is used for the conversion. In doing so, the omega coil releases electricity through these two magnetic fields (oxidation = burning) which releases the release of matter. When this process takes place, the positive magnetic field is set. Only the negative magnetic field remains, which will then put the matter in a solid state. The inner 3D object absorbs matter from electricity. At the same time, the 3D object magnetizes itself together with the emitted energy. Matter is absorbed (reduced) and ionic bonds are created between protons and neutrons. The result is ionization of the 3D object.With this technique, here is this theory at play:Oxidation (combustion), reduction (absorption) and ionization (ionic bonding) always take place simultaneously.The prototype of the Omega coil is explained in detail in another document.