Quote from Google:What is ionizing radiation?Ionizing radiation includes electromagnetic radiation such as (X-rays and gamma rays) and particle radiation (e.g. alpha, beta and neutron radiation). The most important property of ionizing radiation is that it has enough energy to ionize atoms and molecules.Ionization occurs with alpha, beta and neutrons as well as X-rays and gamma radiation.The Omega coil uses low dose radiation to create real matter elements that are affected by positive and negative electromagnetic fields.The Omega coil cannot generate neutron radiation because the atomic shell is artificially empty of mass. The omega coil simulates the atomic shell and inside that shell it is void of mass. In addition, there are no real neutron atoms in the artificial state, but only 0 eV (electron volts) neutral replaced charge that is not clearly identified and emitted as neutron atoms in the electrical state.In the artificial state, no ionization radiation can occur with the Omega coil, also not because, in the artificial state, only the matter processes the structure.