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Project Omega CoilStructure of the Omega coil:To build an Omega coil you need 3x hard copper wire. One for the positive one for the negative electric current and one for the neutral. This is to create a glowing tension effect. But in order for these two copper wires not to cross or come into contact, both must be spaced millimeters apart by glazing, keeping both copper wires separate. And just as these copper wires are wrapped like an electromagnetic coil, the glazing of the wires should also be shielded with glass. This gives you a robust prototype Omega coil with 6x wire pins connection cables, which can control the positive and negative magnetic field individually or both at the same time.Converting the inside of a coil into chemical energy:As soon as the primary and secondary coils come into contact with positive and negative magnetic fields, a high level of electrical voltage is created. This bright voltage, also called electron beam, can be converted with the help of pre-programmed computer software and precisely through this "electron beam", can convert electricity into chemical energy on all sides around the electromagnetic inner coil. This also means that chemical elements inside the coil, such as air, water, earth, fire, are calculated in Si units: Jules = predetermined energy. Virtually everything inside the coil, already ionized, builds up.Coil is converted into chemical energy so it is not electricalUnfortunately, as long as the primary and secondary coils remain electric, it is not possible to build a 3D world. But as soon as electricity is converted into chemical energy, for example, the inner part of the 3D world is no longer electrical. This means that it is possible to control matter, such as: air, earth, water, i.e. everything that is directed inwards, as matter itself is completely ionized. This is conditional otherwise no life would be possible. But not that, life arises by itself without activity. Let's take a flower pot with soil as an example: as long as no seeds are put in, nothing can logically grow. That's exactly how the 3D world is: "without activity" nothing can come into being.A foreword regarding Kinetic Energy:The kinetic energy (from Greek kinesis = movement) or kinetic energy or rarely velocity energy is the energy that an object contains due to its movement. It corresponds to the work that must be expended to bring the object from rest to the momentary movement. It depends on the mass and speed of the moving body.So everything that moves in this world has something to do with kinetic energy. Actually, all 3 main types of aggregate occur here in nature: "such as solid, liquid and gaseous states.For example: warm colors are stimulating and that is kinetic while cool colors are the opposite of stimulating.Omega coil influenced by fate:The Omega coil is equipped so that you can build a 3D world with it. But that's not all, this 3D world works like a classic tube television in which everything inside the glass bulb is electrically and under vacuum. However, this 3D world is of course under chemical energy pressure, with the 3 states of aggregation such as "solid = earth, liquid = water and gaseous = air", matter playing out. At the same time, it is also physically possible to travel through space and time inside this 3D world. Practically, this world is constructed in such a way that whatever is in the inner workings is under the influence of fate and, before or during, is determined by an intelligent source of control. The fate of the world is predetermined and programmed by a computer that divides time into 3 different time sliders: ´"past, present and future"´ paradoxes and thus lets time slide its way. There is also talk of déjá vu; by having the feeling that the future would be optically changed on purpose by a higher intelligence and thus granted access to a matrix machine in order to distract human thoughts and the manipulation of current events in a reprogrammed manner. But certain places can also experience déjá vu and play the same role.In order to slide into another time, a time machine is needed here, which connects to the fate source of the omega coil earth-mantle of the potential computer and moves forwards and backwards with the electricity. The time machine actually needs very strong magnetic fields in order to adjust itself in the middle of large electric gravitational fields in order to achieve the same electric strength as the Omega coil. Conversely, however, these potential gravitational fields, the time machine, can also cause great damage if you do not know how strong the electrical fields of the Omega coil are.

A video recorder is similar to a computer that uses a VHS tape to write and determine fate while fate is simulated on the screen. Usually a VHS cassette is handy, pre-staged for sure and unfortunately you can't change that. But with a computer you could, for example, manipulate the scene or fast forward or reverse the scene. This is how a time machine works.Briefly summarized:As our planet earth has a history behind it and we summarize and write the events of the past of this world and not invent ourselves but not vice versa that we know the future what is coming without knowing if the event will have its cycle.Many astrologers claim that the future is written in the stars and not in the Bible. But I say: "the Bible is right!" Also because the future is predetermined and not that we humans believe: "we invent the future".Dream Interpretation:Pay attention if you dream something specific! You dream a scene but you don't know: when, if, how and when it will happen. But as soon as that dream comes true in reality, the thoughts remind you that you had dreamed that scene in the past but you don't remember when. And precisely this aspect is exactly what we cannot change. And why ? Because we are under the influence of fate. Whereby we humans are not ready to understand that we have to suffer from fate as long as we live.Enlarge an object:So far we've seen everything from Omega coils to destiny building and time travel with a matrix machine making this possible for the first time. Now the question is: "Whether it would be possible for an object like the Omega coil to be an enormous giant, so large that, as I said, 'bacteria' are opposed.The answer is yes, physically it is possible.Here is a theoretical explanation of how it works:Take the Omega Coil as an example; this consists mainly of hard copper wire primaries and secondaries. Both together simultaneously create a pair of magnetic fields consisting of positive and negative electric gravitational fields. But let's get down to business! This prototype must first be digitized on the computer with all the internal matter in 3D with X-Ray. After everything has been digitized, it is mathematically stored in the background based on the object's element such as: "the copper element" to disk and then the digital element is rendered where the source element sits by adding copper matter. While the fabric element is being rendered, the object that the computer is calculating in the background is being enlarged at the same time. If the object has reached a certain size, then it is ready for a 3D world.First, I would like to introduce a bit of history related to hard disk space and its capacity measure:On September 13, 1956, IBM presented the first magnetic hard disk drive with the designation 305 RAMAC". A capacity of 5 megabytes (MB) was achieved on 50 storage disks with a diameter of 61 cm. This was also the hour of birth of the hard disk.Today we are talking about terabytes, which are the first on the market and also allow you to work properly with computers. During the D'Mark period, different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 3.1 to Windows Millennium or the 2000 version were used. At that time, the measure was in megabytes. And the content volume of a blank disc fraud: 700 in single layer to 900 MB in double layer. At that time this was the technology but nobody could have imagined what the future would bring. Also, no one suspected or what was prophesied; so that the third millennium was on the doorstep, other modern storage equipment such as: "SD cards and the first USB sticks on the market." But also the hard disk space was always bigger and more important. These were currently apparently expensive for customers.Certainly there will be further standards in the future in terms of storage capacity, revolutionizing.For example, I found a way to achieve gigantic levels of storage. Otherwise a 3D world would be technically imaginable.Because a gigantic 3D world normally requires a lot of mass storage.Here is a technical way:

You digitize a reasonable SSD hard drive with X-Ray that has a lot of memory with inner matter, and only then do you stack them next to or below each other so that all hard drives are digitally connected and the computer calculates the entire virtual memory. However, it should also be made possible that data can also be stored there. Here we are talking about a matrix machine that is supposed to revolutionize this technology. Digitized hard drives logically have a lifetime as physical hard drives that break at some point.But there is a way to solve this problem as well.Once digitized, you enter the virtual realm of the digital world. The difference between physical and virtual is that the SSD hard drives must first be physically connected to the PC with a Sata connection and then the appropriate drivers must be installed under Windows, while a virtual system exists to link SSD hard drives with reasonable drivers for all digital hard drives. This is the only way to combine the SSD storage to calculate the total storage volume. Also storing the digital data on virtual SSD hard drives should be achieved.In theory, a digital expanded motherboard would have virtual processors/ram expansion that would handle whatever events take place without the world going to pieces.All of this has to be processed digitally with real matter until you reach a gigantic level of motherboard expansion including RAM, processor and hard disk space.What happens next is truly amazing:You construct everything digitally and then everything will be under vacuum with the Omega coil.There are of course two parallel worlds namely: the primary & secondary world. In the primary world you assemble all the equipment while in the secondary world the events take place. Theoretically, everything is possible with this Omega coil and there are no limits.According to the Christian religion, it is known that if you die in this world, you will go to heaven. I often hear this sentence from the Catholic Church. And of course I have to agree with this religion. But there are other worlds in parallel, such as: paradise and hell itself. This has been known in our Bible in the New Testament for 2000 years. Many are of the opinion that we get to the primary world after death as well as the film from Matrix already occurs but in the Bible this does not happen, it only says that you either go to paradise or hell!It may be that paradise is in heaven while hell is under our layer of earth.Let's get back to our Omega coil:Theoretically and physically it is possible that a total of 4 parallel worlds are existentially possible. As well as the world in the inner center of the world (secondaries) and the outer world (primaries). Then there is the parallel world (primary) which we do not know and whose interior is also centric (secondary).

Date: 18/11/2020/Wednesday to 25/11/2020/Wednesday

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