Diamond X2 Project (underside)

Airplane Model: Diamond X2

airplane of the future

The aircraft resembles a diamond-shaped missile. The wings are small and barely visible, yet this flying machine can fly in the air. Inside the machine, there is a kind of motherboard that controls this machine computer. In addition, there is an electromagnetic drive coil with directional frequencies that sets the machine in motion. Nothing to do with jets or propeller propulsion. The main battery goes all the way back where the wing has a triangular appearance.That's not all, there are also 2 high-voltage electromagnetic coils, disc-shaped, located on the top and bottom of the right and left wing surfaces to generate high-voltage lightning. The aircraft is generally used as a warship, natural disasters or for astronomy, but also for creating and constructing matter and landscaping. That means: This machine also works with an intelligent digital Omega printer that produces matter and can also divide and dispose of it again. The matter source is said to come from the stream. It is said that atoms can neither be created nor annihilated; with the Omega printer this is history: this means that atoms can be created, divided and also disposed of. By disposing of the matter, the rechargeable battery can be recharged. The Omega printer has been studied for 27 years. Another technique is used that passes walls and houses. That means: the matter of the missile is withdrawn until the machine becomes transparent. A natural phenomenon that only occurs in electricity. In addition, this object may shrink or return to its previous state or enlarge.There is also talk that this diamond-shaped plane can be made to glow like lightning, as if there were a thunderstorm with strong lightning. Of course, decorating the plane doesn't end here: thanks to the Omega printers, the plane can also change shape or transform into another object. Sounds like science fiction but there is also a logic behind it. What is also special is that the aircraft is equipped with coils on the side, these can be generated and materially evoked at a distance of only 5 meters from the coil of the aircraft a twin flying object like the original source. The plane model: Diamond X2 is also multi-capable and, thanks to the digital Omega printer, can display infinite plane objects like the original apparent.This flying machine is for:warsNatural disasters such as: floods well suited.astronomyGenerate & dispose of matter and landscape garden/construction thought.

Date: 05.12.2022/Monday

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Written and invented by Author: Maurizio D Agostino

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