Omega coil

ConstructionThis invention mainly consists of 2 electromagnetic coils. It consists of a primary and a secondary coil. A small coil is internal to a large coil. The large spool is marked with a plus on the outside, meaning positives are charged, and the inner side of the spool is marked with a minus, meaning negatives are charged. The same is also true with the internal secondary coil. This is how the drawing of this invention is constructed and drawn. A note: This is not about normal electromagnetic coils. Rather, these coils are generated with the computer.functionAs soon as you connect the plus pole with the minus pole internally between the primary and secondary, a bright tension energy is created here.The goal is: What can you build with this invention? There are, for example: "Machines equipped with X-Ray = X-rays scan the objects with inner matter and then reproduce them as a 3D object construction in the computer." What now ?You actually have to imagine a normal tube TV that projects images in the internal glass bulb and this is exactly how this invention works, just a little differently:Because with the tube TV, images can be projected in 2D or 3D in the glass tube, but you cannot touch them, while with this novelty, the image as a 3D object can be made touchable with the hands during playback.Now, with this invention, if the internal secondary coil is set so that it retracts inactive so that only the primary coil remains active, the 3D object magnetizes with the electrical matter and automatically builds up at the point where the scanned object is located . Because the inside of the primary coil has the task of keeping the protons and neutrons inside as long as it is active. And as soon as the object is ionized and the primary coil has just disappeared, you can touch it.This is how the scanned 3D object materializes so that the matter directly from the stream but it can also be reversed.The situation now in December 2019:This invention is currently only a drawing - I have owned this drawing since late 1996 and am also the Intellectual Authenticator of this invention. So far I have not seen any other inventor on the net who has presented the same idea as mine.

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