X-Ray Printer Project

Construction:In principle, the Prototype X-Ray printer consists of a rectangular box like a microwave; wrapped with a double coil of copper wire on all sides. Except the back and front is not wrapped with copper wire. The prototype has a glass door on the front that allows you to take a look inside. The glass door itself when closed is attached to the internal rectangular metal case. The difference is that a glass bulb is required for the television while an iron bulb is required for the metal housing. What happens afterwards: "The inside of the housing is automatically pumped empty so that the electron beam can be moved or made visible from all sides.Covering the wrapped copper wire around the box is equipped with 2 wires. One of them is with positive charge and one with negative charge, individually or both can be controlled by computer at the same time. Both copper wires have the task of generating a magnetic field. The inside of the microwave box is insulated with a metal casing and iron piston so that the copper wire does not melt.Insulation function:The metal case is rectangular in construction and wrapped around the inner metal case is a double wrapped coil of copper wire. This coil of copper wire consists of 2 magnetic fields. One is positive and one is negative, creating plus and minus magnetic fields. Both magnetic fields penetrate inside the isolated housing and thus generate an electron beam by displaying the image from all 4 corners in 3D.Function of the electron beam direction:Like a cathode ray tube... the beam moves in one direction, the beam moves from all sides and as the filament of the electron beam creates an image in one direction, this is how the 2-fold wrapped copper wire also called (filament) creates an image , the picture from all 4 sides: 3 dimensional. Magnetic fields then take over the work of the picture on all sides, the electron beam.The heated matter depends on the voltage.In reality, this Prototype X-Ray Printer is nothing more than an old CRT TV; only in the form of a microwave box and modern. A rectangular iron flask is used instead of a glass flask.That means: it displays a 3D object and at the same time it reprints the 3D object with the matter of electricity. Practically it creates a copy of the original with real matter.Functionality:To scan an object, the Prototype X-Ray Transmitter uses the negative magnetic field as an X-Ray beam, which allows scanning from all sides. A computer takes on the task of scanning and at the same time it is saved on the hard drive. Only after scanning can you edit the scanned 3D object if necessary. After that, the copy of the 3D object is forwarded to the recipient X-Ray printer prototype side.Amazingly, the unbelievable is now happening at the receiver Prototype X-Ray printer:At the receiver, the positive and negative magnetic fields are activated simultaneously so that the inside of the prototype is under high electron beam voltage. A beam then translates the 3D object copy into 3 dimensional image drawing as well as the same happens with a TV. As soon as the 3D object is visibly displayed, the positive magnetic field is adjusted so that only the negative magnetic field remains. The negative has the task of converting or drying the heated matter from chemical to solid matter aggregate, so that the 3D object is magnetized, materialized and ionized at the same time with atomic particles.This means: where liquid matter is scanned, liquid matter is also reproduced.With this technique, here is this theory at play:Oxidation (combustion), reduction (absorption) and ionization (ionic bonding) always take place simultaneously.This is an invention of Author: Maurizio D Agostino - Reference: Prototype X-Ray printerInvented date: 06.02.2020/Thursday

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